Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Southridge Kids Explosion

Bob and Pat brought a group of kids from Southridge Franklin Homes. These kids attended their after school Kids Explosion program this past spring. They won a trip to the ranch for good attendance. We had a great day. It was very HOT, but we had water games to cool everyone off. Some of them never rode a horse before, so this was a big treat for them. They also made a leather project and we had sloppy joes for dinner. These kids will be eligible to win a trip back to the ranch for an over night stay in September. The Kids Explosion Summer program is running a bible memory verse contest and 10 girls and 10 boys will be coming in September. Take a look at the pictures by clicking the link to the right called Kids Explosion.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Salvation Army 7-15-11

Annie brought a few kids from the Salvation Army summer program for a visit Friday morning. What a beautiful morning to take a ride on a horse. The temp was comfortable with low humidity. The kids a good time riding and they played games while they waited for their horse to be ready. The older boys really enjoyed learning how to start, stop, and steer their horse. In a few years, they will be able to join our Young Travelers program. The weather was so nice, that Bill and I took a little ride after the kids left, which is something we rarely get to do in the summer. It was fun being back in the saddle with my hubby by my side!
Take a look at the pics by clicking the link to the right called "Salvation Army".

Monday, July 11, 2011

Brightmoor Garden Group 7-9-11

We had a VERY HOT weekend at the ranch with our dear friends from Brightmoor Michigan. Everyone had a good time despite the weather. We did a few different things this year, like sack races, relay races, and the three legged race. The two chaperons engaged in this activity and almost made it to the finish line without falling over! The races were definitely a favorite. The horses were again amazing even though, I am sure they were VERY HOT as well. We had four Young Travelers graduates work with us this weekend, which was very special to us. This is a hope and prayer of mine that these young people find their gifts and talents here and pursue them. Johnathan and Matthew were wranglers, Darnell was "Dead Eye Bob's" assistant with archery, and Austin did an awesome job helping me in the kitchen. Of all things, Miss Bonny had kitchen duty this weekend! and no one went hungry! Imagine that! Take a look at the pics by clicking the link to the right called "Brightmoor Garden Group".

Aware Shelter 7-8-11

Friday, we had a few kids from the Aware Shelter stop by for a visit. They all got to ride one of the horses and play games with Shaun and Darnell. There were smiles all around! We have fun showing the little ones about the horses, Bill really enjoys teaching how to "drive" the horse. We expect to see them again this summer.
Take a look at a few pictures by clicking the link to the right called "Aware Shelter"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Girls Weekend 6/25/11-6/26/11

We had 10 very active excited girls last weekend! What a great time we had. The weather could not have been better. Not too hot and not too cold. The horses did a great job and and all the girls enjoyed their ride. Erin and Carly were the bunkhouse captains and they had as much fun as the girls. Especially with the water games. Dinner was great and we had campfire fun. Sunday, Janet and Brian came over to worship and engage the girls in the Word. They have been doing a great job!
Take a look at the pics by clicking the link to the right called "Girls camp out 6-25/6-26.

Salvation Army Visit

Last Friday the Salvation Army came for a visit. The weather was cold and rainy, so we didn't get to ride the horses. But, we all a good time anyway. The kids made a leather project, played games, and had lunch. Hopefully next time, the weather will be better. They got to see the animals and get a picture with Little Guy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trip to MIS

Our Friday group was invited to go to MIS Speedway for Shot Rats Award Night. Three of our boys attended the after school program, Shop Rats. They all got a chance to ride in a "wheelie car" and also ride in the Pace Car. It was a beautiful car, but went just too fast for me. Ashley insisted that I go with her, and I held my hands over my eyes the whole time!! Bill didn't even want to go.
Take a look at the pics by clicking the link to the right called "Trip to MIS".